Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services

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International Business Council’s members can benefit from the professional support of our team and network in order to meet their business goals. Our team will find the right organisations and connections for companies and make sure that they are completely aware about the array of their options.

The International Business Council has the patronage of a growing community of quality companies across several sectors which include technology, energy, entertainment, food, human resources, media, commodities, pharmaceutical and advertising to whom our members can gain access for business and networking opportunities.

With support from relevant government authorities, the International Business Council has developed a unique structure that allows companies a quick, cost-effective and hassle-free setup and licensing path. This structure can also facilitate you with a complete list of regulations related to your products and services.

International Business Council also works in the areas of developing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Our team of experts can support SMEs in the areas of managerial factors, marketing and sales, production and operation, research and development, financial, information technology, human resources, organizational structure, sales and marketing, strategy and organizational system.

Investment Opportunities
  • Identification of international and local business opportunities
  • B2B and B2G Engagement
  • Business Intelligence
  • Location Assessment
  • Organizational Training and Intervention
  • SME Development & Incubation